Facilities and Maintenance

Our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable physical learning environment that enhances the instructional experience and all other activities associated with the educational process.

Facilities management for schools is a vital part of a school district’s overall health and success. Facilities maintenance is key to ensuring the success of a school system and its students, but it can be a huge undertaking. Keeping school buildings working optimally takes a lot of work, and even more planning. It’s a complex job with a lot of moving parts.

The school's facilities and maintenance teams role is to ensure facilities remain in good working order. This includes everything from structural issues of school buildings to features like heating, cooling and ventilation, lighting, plumbing, and delivering the supplies that contributes to creating a safe, secure learning environment for students, and a proper work environment for teachers and staff.

Here, at Pickens County School District, we manage approximately 1 million square feet of:

  • 6 active school campuses

  • County school offices

  • Support staff facilities and auxiliary buildings