Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning, also referred to as Curriculum and Instruction, is a rapidly growing field that strives to transform the educational landscape through improved curriculum design and teaching best practices. Teaching and learning is incredibly important to the future of our nation’s success, both in schools and the corporate sector, to improve learning—which results in a better-educated population with superior achievements, goal attainment, and career or life outcomes.

Our graduates need to have a solid plan for their next endeavor and our role is to help them be prepared for the path they choose beyond high school. We provide students the opportunity to explore any of the three E's (Enrolled, Enlisted, or Employed) through career fairs, military recruitment presentations, and college tours. Students have access to school counselors as well as a College and Career Coach who will help them navigate the unfamiliar territory of college applications, financial aid, resumes, and job interviews.

From elementary school to high school, we strive to equip students with the knowledge and skills to achieve success. By creating a plan and persevering through hard work, our graduates will enjoy the satisfaction of being successful.

Here is what a portrait of a Pickens County School District graduate looks like:

Portrait of a Graduate includes critical thinkers, personally responsible individuals, creators and innovators, globally aware citizens, resilient learners and effective communicators