Board of Education

The Pickens County Board of Education includes five members elected by district to serve four-year terms. The Superintendent serves as an ex-officio member of the Board and acts as Secretary-Treasurer. Board members elect a President and a Vice President annually at the first meeting of each year.

Board of Education Members

Duties and Responsibilities

The superintendent serves as the chief executive officer, overseeing day-to-day operational responsibilities.

The public school board bears vital responsibilities, including those that cannot be delegated, such as:

  • Setting Policies - Establish and review policies that govern the school district's operations, curriculum, and administration.

  • Financial Oversight - Approve budgets, allocate resources, and ensure fiscal responsibility in managing district finances. 

  • Hiring Superintendents - Select and employ superintendents who serve as the district's chief executive officer.

  • Community Engagement - Engage with the community, addressing concerns, and advocating for the district's interest.

  • Curriculum Oversight - Oversee the educational programs and curriculum, ensuring alignment with state standards.

  • Advocacy - Advocate policies that benefit students and schools at the local, state, and national levels.

  • Decision-making - Make crucial decisions on issues like student discipline, school facilities, and teacher contracts.

  • Legal compliance - Ensure compliance with state and federal laws, policies, and important regulations.